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Wi la la la

Things i need to work on:
1. Varied anatomies *not everyone is a stick child*. Look up stock photos with different body types and practice.
2. Action poses *see no. 1*
3. expression *take a picture of my face doing an expression and then try and draw it. goal: do this for a month*
3. same face syndrome * work on drawing the different parts of the face, and working on different face shapes*

Getting better at some things, i should see if i can scan in some of the quick sketches i did during the olympics. oddly enough when i do quick sketches i find my work is at its best. then again maybe its cause i stop thinking and enjoy it for what it is. just don't feel confident in showing any of my work right now. i am hoping to take some time and work on things some more. hopefully come back with some thing interesting.

i think this is why i have not started a new web comic yet (even though its completely written). can't get past the thumbnail part of it all as i get so disastisfied with it all.but eh, i am getting there.


spell check is awesome!



^that made the front page today. nothing artsy about it. just boobs tied with the Headbands from Naruto.

Srsly that is all it is. its not even done at an artsy angle or in an interesting background. It is literrally some chick in her dingy little kitchen that decided it would be fun to tie her tah tahs with Naruto headbands then strike a pose a la Myspace take a picture and post it.

and that my friends is the secret to success on Deviant art. Boobs and Naruto.

not that i am saying that anything in my gallery is worth being on the front page (it isn't, i am cool with that, i mean one has to actually produce something before you should consider being front page or daily deviation material, and i am no where near producing anything even remotely praise worthy. atleast i would hope so anyways. although sometimes i wonder.) some how it just makes me sad. yeah there have been peices i did not think deserved the accolades they have received. i do not like thier policies towards the gay-lesbian-transgender communities, or the fact that they allow full frontal nudity for women, or out and out porn, but you put a penis in there AND SHIT GETS REAL! i have seen some deviations that have made front page or have gotten daily deviations and and i could use them as medical diagrams for the parts of the femal sex organs, or a couple of sculpltures with heterosexual couples having intercourse (i am calling it that cause to call it anything else would mean i would have to describe it and i would much rather not throw up thank you), but no penis just boobs so its alll good. could go on. oh yeah and booty/ bust size charts for female characters, but you know thats not sexist or anything. ITS ART!

this is kind of the topper though for me.

about the only reason why i remain on deviantart is that i can find people already working professionally in their fields. people like Lauren Faust (http://fyre-flye.deviantart.com/). and that i have some good friends on there and i like to see what they are working on.

but you know. whatever.

Boss Battles

So i was playing a game and had come to a realllly freaking hard boss battle that i had spent all of yesterday preparing for (yes i am one of those that has like 500 pheonix feathers and copious amounts of healing potions and have grinded to perfection in order to take on a boss... yup typical RPGer. it worked out well when my sister and i played games though, cause i would prepare the character and she would beat the boss.)

This particular boss has taken me the better part of an hour to battle. I got allll the way to the final hit when my roommate says something to me and i start screaming "NO TALKING" at a level only dogs can hear, then the game crashes.

just crashes.

the "FUUUUUUUUUCK!" made the cats jump.

my roommate comes out, hugs me then starts laughing. guess she knew the outcome. xD

ah man that was funny.


So interesting story, yesterday i was switching from night shifts to day shifts. which means that i generrally go for 48 hours with three hours of sleep, and i found out something interesting about those three hours of heavenly sainifying hours of glorious sleep. apparently i text during them. I had this weird arse dream about making plans with one of my best friends... apparently i really did.

The way she puts it, i texted a simple reply to a text from sunday night.

Her text from Sunday night "Are you working tonight?"

Text from me on wednesday "nope." <-in my sleep, do not remember this

Her reply: "well a couple of days late, but thats ok. You want to come over and watch my husbands tonight?"
                  "and by husbands i mean the sedine brothers" *the Vancouver Canucks were playing in the stanly cup play offs last night*

me "kay"

her "something somehting something i don't remember i totally went into a deeper sleep"

she phoned me an hour and half later to see when i planned on coming and i had to ask her if i made plans with her or not....

...cause i totally did it in my sleep, and i thought it was a dream. apparently reallllly suggestable in those three hours of heavenly bliss that is sleep.

i got more heckles more then the bruins did last night.

WELL today she texted me around the same time i texted her last night

her "hey, you! give me all your cool stuff!"

me "Umm why?"

her "dammit! your awake aren't you?"

me "lol. yeah i got 12 hours of sleep and am fully sane!"

her "damn. i will have to try again tomorrow"

me "umm. you do know that i am not going to switch from nights to days for atleast another month, right?"

her " Curses! can you give me an exact date?"

me "lol. no. i am fully rested and not stupid anymore."

her "DAMMIT!"

me "poor S- your plans have been thwarted. lol"

her "i hate you."

oh imma get it next time i switch from days to nights again, but right now this is making me laugh my butt off xD

and GO VANCOUVER! awesome game to watch,not going to do it on an Amercian Channel again though. the announcers looked like they wanted to be a foot ball game or yell HOME RUN! the entire time.



i am sick

one of the bones in my arm is popping in and out of place and i am going to be in a brace 24/7 till tuesday. my chest is congested, my throat hurts and my nose is stuffed up the wazoo.

oddly enough i am the most content i have been in a long time. how odd is that?!

i think a big part of it is coming to terms with a lot of my crappy ass self esteem, and the fact that i feel like i am in a place were i can start to take care of myself.

or maybe its the fact the nyquil always makes me a little hi.

it could also be the awesome dreams i have been having lately. (mostly fractured fairy tales for some odd reason, i tend to dream stories).

it could be that my union rep is helping me to get things moving on getting off the unit i am on and hopefully into a job i truly enjoy and can do without killing myself.

or it could be the fact that my roommate is awesome and my home is coming together like a proper home.

it could be that i got a bunch of my friends hooked on Hetalia, and now we all quote the Germany song incessantly and call each other "ASS" in funny accents. We also yell "MAPLE LEAF" cause we are weird....

or maybe its that my friends have introduced me to Jet Li films and drinking games set to kung fu

it might also be that my dearest friends made mounting jokes for a solid hour in a sushi restaurant as me and my roommate attempted to explain what an MMO is to them..... there were a lot of "mounting" and "unicorn" jokes in this one.

either way i feel like ass, but a happy one

your welcome for all them lovely visuals.

Things Webcomicers do Wrong

Having written a plot laden mess myself, and reading a lot of webcomics lately. Many of these i am guilty of, some i am not, but just some of my thoughts on it all. gonna warn y'all its a long one.

Things Webcomicers Do Wrong:

1. Not planning a story from beggining to end
I did this, i had an ending in mind, but the middle was all muddled. it made my comic hard to follow, there was a lack of focus too. Things need to be scripted, from beginning to end, the narrative needs to be linked together. I am not saying that there cannot be changes as things go along, but concrete planning allows for edits and changes to still make sense within the context of the story. more on this later.

2. Not thumbnailing before creating a comic page:
Thumbnailing allows for better layouts and smoother transitions. its another step that allows for editing and the end product is tighter. thumbnailing is a quick step that can be done with multiple pages as well, this allows for pages to relate to one another, rather then becoming stand alone pages, a phenomina that can easily happen when one week is spent on a page. sometimes its hard to remember what you did the last week, thumbnailing ensures the narrative continues to flow.

3. Too many "Main" characters
whooo boy, how many people have done this? a big cast is not necessarily the problem. it splitting the focus that is the problem. too many main characters can it hard for readers to focus, is this character important? should i care if the are doing ____? having a small amount of main characters does not mean that the rest of the characters are less important, it simply means that i know where to focus. Two Rooks has a large cast, but i know the character to watch is Dea, things happening in relation to him are important. you can have a large cast, but the focus needs to be narrow. looking into too many back grounds, omg this thing is happening can balloon a narrative out of proportion and muddles things to a point where it no longer makes sense. another example, Scott Pilgrim. large cast of characters, and it grows throughout the story, but i know the things that hold the most impact relate directly to Scott or Romona, thats where the growth is.

4. Too Epic of a story line
yeah yeah yeah, every webcomicer wants to have a magnum opus. it must be grand and grandious and awesome. but really trying to write an epic before you are ready is asking for trouble. webocomics take years to complete, can you hold a narrative together for that long? can you make it so climax is sastisfactory? sometimes an epic can eat an author, not everything has to be as large as Lord of The Rings. sci-fi and fantasy webcomicers are notorious for writing of slow paced, over arching, horrendously long and confusing epics. its why i had to stop reading Drow tales, i would get lost and once i was lost i did not care anymore. yet stories that comparitvely simple, such as Anders loves Maria, can be some of the most enjoyable. start small and work yourself up to the big stuff, and when you are ready for the big stuff ensure you have the time and energy to work on it. Webcomics are not quick, they take time to do.

5. Trying to be Penny Arcade
if you are considering doing something like Penny Arcade stop.  Penny Arcade is like the immortals in Highlander, there can only be one.

6. Trying to be like ___________.
You know why people have a hard time accepting fantasy or sci-fi? there is so much that is trying to be like _________ successful work.  think about it. how many things are trying to be lord of the rings? or star trek? or star wars? how many of them are good? how many people not into those genres take them seriously? failing with an original idea is always better then succeeding with an unoriginal idea. especially if you want to be taken seriously.

7. Starting a webcomic thinking you will get money/success/fame
so megatokyo is published, and now you think you can get some fame from the internet. well it is not that easy. any webcomicer that can make a living off thier work has been around for a long time, has built up a fan base and have been consistent. instant success does not happen, and any success is garnered through hard work and a lot of luck.

8. Not being open to Critiscism
only way to improve is hearing what you did wrong. its the hardest part putting anything creative on the internet, some one is not going  to like it. those that are nice enough to tell you why should be treated with respect. just remember that not everyone is going to be nice to you when they give you critiques. some of the most honest critiques are the harshest.

9. Not keeping a schedule
before starting a comic tnhink about how long it takes you to create a page. 5 hours? 2? 10? however long it takes, can you consistently devote that amount of time to it? and how often? the only people that can honestly do a daily comic are only drawing comics full time. even if a comic updates monthly, so long as it is consistent any fan base that is growing will come back. yeah life gets in the way, but if you know your schedule you can plan ahead. students know when midterms are in general, business people know when they are taking trips. if your lifestyle can support a monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, whatever schedule and you can stick with it then go with that. it also helps to have pages started or completed ahead of when they are being posted, those can help with emergencies (not all emergencies but some).

10. Listening to praise more then criticism
this might link in with the critiscism thing, but i put this on here because a lot of webcomic artists listen to much to the praise thier fans give. becoming too insulated with the praise takes away incentive to improve and grow and can lead to stagnation. praise is good, but remember that critiques you receive have merit as well, and that NO WORK IS ABSOLUTLY PERFECT. strive to improve.

11. Using "style" as an excuse to not improve.
"anatomy is off cause its supposed to be! its my style!" how often have you heard that from some one with a god awful comic? learning the basics of anatomy, perspective, colouring layouts etc... can really help to enhance a "style". no not everything needs to be super duper realistic, but knowing more about what you are doing can lead to better techniques and work. it can make it easier to establish mood, and allows for all the visual cues become clearer. actions become clearer. style is no excuse to not improve.

12. walls of text.
Webcomics do not mean novels with pictures in them. be more concise in your writing. the need to announce feelings, plot points, action etc... means you might be lacking some where else. this is where writing your script from start to finish can realy help. as you write you edit, have others read your script, reread your script. when you thumbnail, see if some of what you want to convey can be shown through the art. walls of text can be off putting to readers, and can be a sign of shear laziness.

13. Not editing
This is more then not using spell check (although spell check should always be used). this is about not rereading scripts. lost of work on the web is full of plot holes, and continuity errors. rereading and editing can help with that. as with walls of text, having others read your work before it gets to the final stages will help ensure things make sense and that your story is the best it can possably be.

14. Switching Genres
So you are doing a comedy, but have an idea for an awesome supernatural twist. be warned, few works survive a genre shift, and even fewer successfully incorporate different genres. not staying you should stick with one thing and one thing only, but a shift takes a lot of work to achieve. you have to make sure that it makes sense and is done with care. if you don't you just might loose a lot of your current fan base. writing a script can help to stop this problem from happening as it forces you to think about where you want to go with your characters and what appeals to you ahead of time.

15. Being a Douche
do not abuse your fans, do not abuse your detractors. if you are a douche on the internet you are asking for trouble. this is why some one created encyclopedia dramatica. enough said

16. begging for money
offering merchandise and incentives for purchase (such as a wallpaper with a donation) are fine, you are offering goods in return for money. shoving the fact you need money down the throats of your readers, and constantly begging for money when you are not updating or offering anything for purchase makes you a douche. and to that please see above. also constantly advertising can turn off your readers, a small add in the corner or a link to the store is enough. every second page with cheese cake asking for money is too much.

that is all for now.


Dec. 31st, 2010

Dear Neighbours that have partying all fucking week:

shut up, shut up, shut up!



P.S. please stop your damn dog from barking from twelve hours straight....

fucking neighbours cannot sleep


Writer's Block: I scare myself

What is your greatest fear?

Clowns... and dolls... and especially clown dolls! that one that came to life in poltergiest... called it. told the tv they should have thrown out that creepy as hell doll. ugh.

and heights, but thats a rational fear! can't hurt yourself if you are never far up!

On Fans

i was thinking recently on how fans effect the works they are fans of, and while generally having support for any work of media is a good thing as it allows for the creator to have a commercial reason to continue the work, fans can be detrimental to a body of work as well.

a couple of examples of detrimental fnas include the star wars, star trek and lord of the rings fandoms. there are a hard core group of fans that adore the show to such an extent that sometimes it becomes unaccessable to some one who is not obsessed with it. in this case the fans themselves are so fanatical that is a socially unnacceptable sometimes to admit you are a fan of these series. a core group of vocal few have made it that so that if you admit you are a fan that non-fans lump you in with the hard core fans.

while loving a series is not necessarily a bad thing (fan support of family guy brought the series back from the dead), the blind adoration can allow for series to stagnate. the marvel and dc universes are a good example of this. yeah there maybe gigantic plot twists, but eventually the fans acceptance or resistance to a story event often means that things are ret-conned. spiderman recently gave away his secret identity, and rather then allowing for character growth he sold his soul to a demon to return things to the way they were before hand. this resistance to change and the need to remember every little detail from every story makes these works daunting to some one who is just starting to get into them. and part of it is the fans fault, they react to an event and that affects the direction the company wants to take the stories. or the writer themselves are a "fan" of the work and bring back details from past story lines that they enjoy, or retcon the work of other writers rather then building upon them. this of course is simplified, there are more reasons then fans as to why these series are unaccessable to outsiders, however, the effect they have on these works in undeniable.

unbridled popularity can also prevent a series from ending when it needs to. dragon ball is a good example of this effect. akira toryama wanted to end the series, but his editors saw that it was too popular and was making too much money to let it die. as a result you get dragon ball z and can pinpoint the exact moment that toryama wanted to end this series. the sword of truth and the wheel of time are another example of this. both series could have been told in half the amount of books, but there was money to be made. as a result both series are extremely long and each volume is essentially mounds of exposition with little happening in the 500 or so pages it took to tell it. there could be a good story in there, too bad its too long and drawn out for some readers. lord knows i found it too damn boring to continue.

so i guess that while fans can make a series commercially viable, give encouragement to the creator and make the creative process worthwhile, they can also force a series to become to big, to complex and to drawn out to attract new readers or to have any meaningful developement.

atleast that is my two scents on it.

Christmas cards

so after a bout of sore-throat-OMFG-i-wanna-DIE-itis, i have a week off next week and i wanted to make some christmas cards. i don't have a whole lot of people that watch my journal, but if you want one, i can send you some christmas cheer! just let me know!